Bonaire Football Federation

Football Development Program (2020-2024)

Started with the basics: development of clubs, coaches and competitions to make sure that everybody has te opportunity to play football.

Wat we hebben gedaan

In cooperation with KNVB and the Dutch Ministry of Health, Well-being and Sport we designed a club development program to develop football in Bonaire.

After an extensive assessment at clubs and the football federation, we developed the Football Development Program Bonaire.  This program is a coöperation between NMC Bright, the KNVB and the Dutch Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sport.

The Football Development Program is a multi-year program wich aims at investing in club and coach development. The Football Development Program Bonaire has to contribute to a sustainable development of football on the island. By investing in the education and accompaniment of volunteers such as coaches and board members we want to make sure there is enough expertise to develop football.

The program is based on our ‘context-bound-principle’ whcih means working together with local people who are well know with the language and culture. NMC Bright is responsible for project management, club development and training & coaching of people involved with the program.

If you want more information about the unique implementation method of the football development program? Please contact us.


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